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Environment and Disposal

Environment and Disposal

We take the responsibility for our environment very seriously. In addition to the economic and social obligations that form the basis for the long-term viability of our company, environmental protection is anchored in the awareness of our corporate responsibility. This applies both within our company as well as outside of it with respect to our customers.

The aim of our services is to prolong product life through regular maintenance and the use of original spare parts. What's more, products that have been discarded but are still functional are (where appropriate) reconditioned and auctioned off to interested customers at www.ricardo.ch with a three-month functional guarantee.

Used boxes and packing materials are recycled whenever possible for returning repaired equipment from our service centre - a small contribution to protect our environment.

As a member of the SWICO Environment Commission, we are actively involved in establishing a functioning waste management concept. All of our customers can return discarded computer peripherals directly to our service centre in Wädenswil. These devices are disposed of in an orderly, controlled, and environmentally sound manner (SWICO).



Find out more about the pioneering Swiss disposal concept at SWICO. Click on the link to access the Swico Site or to watch the SWICO Info Video (SWICO Info Video in English).