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ESAG’s Vision & Mission Statement

ESAG’s uniqueness is inspiring. The quality of our services and turn-key technical solutions create real added value for customers, partners, and employees. High customer satisfaction, innovative ability, above-average productivity, and employee satisfaction are the foundations and the secret of success for profitable growth based on partnership.

Within the scope of the After-Sales Customer Relationship Management for manufacturers and professional users of information, telecommunications, and entertainment technology, ESAG’s recipe for success "innovativeservices" guarantees high quality performance. With ESAG, retail chain customers, system integrators, retailers, hospitals, and multinational organisations have a competent, reliable partner to ensure high availability of their systems. A wide variety of customer requirements with individually adapted service solutions are implemented collaboratively, such as installations, rollouts, support hotlines, system monitoring as well as repairs and maintenance with guaranteed readiness and response times. We serve our business customers throughout Switzerland at competitive prices with maximum customer satisfaction and optimal integration into their business processes. In cooperation with our partners we develop new, innovative market segments.

In short: ESAG is a leading service partner.

For our employees we provide an attractive and social working environment. Cooperation is based on mutual trust, transparency, honesty, and respect. ESAG's progress and success require competent, proactive, and motivated employees committed to working towards the company's goals. Our employees are proven experts. Thanks to continuous further training in an innovative, technical environment, and true personal dedication, they are among the best. At ESAG, we all see ourselves as part of the company’s public image and actively contribute to putting our vision into practice. We are committed to promoting young IT talent in Switzerland and offer the next generation an opportunity to learn diverse technologies and service processes from leading manufacturers and to gain valuable professional experience - perfect prerequisites for a successful future.

Honesty, consistency, respect, and trustworthiness accompany our conduct within the company and outside of it and distinguish our corporate culture. We comply with the laws, and integrity is a matter of course, while we reject any form of corruption. Corporate conduct, reliability, innovation, and enthusiasm with a down-to-earth attitude are important guide values.

Thanks to many years of service experience and a constant endeavor to further optimise processes and services, our service solutions aim to meet the highest customer requirements. ESAG’s quality management supports our employees in their process-oriented work and quality assurance and enables us to implement individually taylored and sophisticated customer solutions.

We take the responsibility for our environment very seriously. Environmental protection is anchored in the awareness of our corporate responsibility. Our services are aimed at extending the life of products through regular maintenance and the use of original spare parts. Retired equipment is disposed of in an orderly, controlled, and environmentally sound manner (SWICO).

At ESAG we want to satisfy customers and do everything we can to be a competent and reliable partner. These are the foundations of our success.