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Here you will find useful information about our support services for Lenovo products.
You can reach our support and service centre at: Phone +41 44 782 28 69

  Lenovo Contact Center

ESAG support and service centre
 info@esag.ch registration form
 Phone +41 44 782 28 69
ESAG repair status requests
 info@esag.ch tracking system
 Phone +41 44 782 28 69
ESAG spare parts sale
 spares@esag.ch    Phone +41 44 782 28 10


  On-Site Repair

Is your device malfunctioning? Is your product still under on-site warranty, do you have a maintenance contract, or do you need a service technician on-site? In such cases, please report the malfunction by filling out our Malfunction Form, by e-mail to info@esag.ch or by calling +41 44 782 28 69. Our service technicians will troubleshoot the problem and send you the right parts if you can replace yourself.

Should the device need to be repaired by an on-site technician, our support and service centre staff will take the necessary steps to ensure that our technician arrives with the required spare parts as quickly as possible. Please have the following information ready:


• Brand
• Machine type (e. g. 2668)
• Model name (e. g. KHU)
• Serial number (e. g. 78-12AB3)
• Site address
• Name of contact person
• E-mail of contact person
• Phone no. of contact person
• Error description
• Error code





  Bring-in repair

We want to make the repair of your defective device as easy as possible for you. If the cause of the malfunction is merely a device component such as CD-ROM, mains adapter, etc., you do not even need to send in your device. Therefore, please always call the toll-free contact number +41 44 798 22 22 to report your malfunction. Our customer service staff will troubleshoot and identify the problem and send you the required replacements immediately. If the cause of the malfunction is more complex, our technical support will provide you with a ticket number to send your device to the service centre.

For non-warranty repairs we always provide you with a quote. Therefore, please note clearly if you do not want a quote or let us know the maximum amount. Since the preparation of a quote is labour-intensive (the defective device must be opened and analysed), a charge of CHF 160 for device diagnostics will be applied if the repair work is not performed. In case of a repair order, the quote is of course free of charge.

For urgent cases we provide express services, which means that a device will be taken into repair immediately. However, the return is generally subject to spare parts availability.
- Express service - end of next working day: SFr. 150.00
- Express service - end of same working day: SFr. 200.00 (if delivered to the Wädenswil repair centre before 11.00 a.m.)


If your device is covered by ADP Accidental Damage Protection insurance and a defect was caused by an accident or personal negligence, a completed and signed Lenovo Accidental Damage form must be sent in with the device.

Lenovo Accidental Damage
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Please send or deliver your device to:

IBM Repair Center
Moosacherstr. 6
8820 Wädenswil / Au

(Business hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. noon and 1:00 - 5.30 p.m.)




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