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Digital signage

Digital signage

Consulting, design, planning, installation, hosting, operation, monitoring, maintenance, content production, content management, training, financing
The term digital signage means the deployment of digital media content for advertising or information systems. Digital signage can be used in a wide range of applications such as product presentation, to greet visitors, as a visitor guidance system, for infotainment in waiting areas, in hotels and restaurants, or for employee information in companies.

Gaining customers attention - ESAG AG will help you.
Digital signage is more than just a playback of repetitive advertising messages on different displays. Providing information at the right time at the right place allows you to deliver decisive arguments to customers at the moment the purchase decision is made. Animated content is delivered on networked displays in conjunction with customer information, news, weather, and advertisements. The contents can be prepared for each specific target group, edited, managed centrally, and streamed to various displays at the POS or POI. Dynamic content increases perception, sparks the customers’ interest, and draws attention to the promotional message. The need to transmit current information quickly and reliably to a large number of recipients is increasing. Digital signage solutions enable a target group-specific customer approach and new interaction possibilities with customers or employees at the POS or POI.

With more than 1500 installed displays, we are one of the leading providers of digital signage systems in Switzerland. But installing the devices is not all of it. Depending on your needs, our collaboration with you begins much earlier. And we gladly assist you with the preparation of your digital signage concept based on your marketing strategy and develop an effective solution for you, create the digital signage content, and make our partner network available to you in order to guarantee the best possible conditions for hardware and software investments. Upon request we even put together a tailor-made financing proposal for you to fit your needs.
However, our collaboration with you does not end with the successful installation and commissioning of your digital signage system. We train your staff to ease the operation and handling of your new communication tool. For customers who prefer to outsource their digital signage system, we offer a variety of solutions as well. We can adapt all of your existing content and make it suitable for digital signage. If you would like your system to be monitored during business hours or around the clock, we can provide that service for you and will be available to you and your staff for 1st and 2nd level support via our hotline. In addition, we offer investment insurance with various Service Level Agreements (SLAs) upon request.

Consider us your Swiss army knife - you choose which tool you need next. We look forward to hearing from you.
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